Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation

We represent companies of all sizes in disputed matters whether they arise or relate to banking & finance, contracts, real estate, insurance, employment or personal injury.  The firm is experienced in all facets of state and federal court litigation, as well as the resolution of claims through arbitration or mediation. The firm represents companies that both pursue these types of claims or are defending against such actions and by handling disputes from both sides we can offer experienced advice on ways to avoid business disputes.

The firm, as part of its litigation practice, handles actions throughout the country in the following areas:

  • Breach of contract
  • Collections
  • Replevin actions
  • Foreclosures (including confirmation actions)
  • Banking policies, garnishments, check law and the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Insurance claims and coverage issues
  • Premises liability claims
  • Commercial or individual fraud

  • Piercing of the corporate veil
  • Department of Labor wage investigations
  • Americans with Disabilities Act violations
  • Title VII discrimination actions
  • Real estate title disputes and other real estate litigation
  • Construction liens
  • Environmental claims (both EPA and private actions)
  • Tenant lease compliance and tenant eviction

The firm offers both mediation and arbitration services to third parties to help assist with the resolution of disputes. Based on our firm’s experience in business litigation and providing risk management advice to companies, we apply this knowledge to help contending parties reach resolutions of their disputes as efficiently and economically as possible.


Please refer to the firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Services which can be found at

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